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A client recently asked what is the best way to sanitize your washing machine and dryer.  With some much advice on the web these days about appliance repair topics, we thought we'd share our thoughts on this topic this month.

Monday, 22 February 2021

How Long Do Dishwashers Last?

Colorado Springs' home chefs and novice bakers agree that the dishwasher is their kitchen BFF.  But just how long do dishwashers last? Find out now.

Considering repairing old appliances instead of rushing to the closest home store to replace them? Read our list of 3 major benefits of repair over replacement.

When Shake, Rattle and Roll applies to your washing machine and not the song, you’ve got a problem.  Here are 7 ways to make your washing machine stop shaking.

Who hasn’t been annoyed by the sound of the microwave beeping at you? When it starts to get unbearable, here are some tips to mute that beep!

Your ice cream's melted and your milk's frozen solid. Before spending money on repairmen or (yikes!) a new fridge, try our handy DIY refrigerator repair tips.

Few things compare to the smell of freshly baked bread. But if your stove and oven are not heating, here are several tips to get you back to baking in no time. 

If your washer is on the fritz, you might be wondering if it’s worth repairing an old washing machine versus completely replacing it. This post explores the pros and cons of repair vs replacement.

Purchasing a new appliance is a big investment, so it’s only natural to want to know the most reliable home appliance brands. Read the list for 2020.

Is your washing machine acting a little strange lately? Like all of us dealing with the new normal these days, your washing machine may be sending you signals that it needs a little special attention.

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