3 Things Your Appliance Repairman Wishes You Knew

March 9, 2020

Most calls to a Colorado Springs appliance repairman are unplanned. In other words, you walk into the kitchen to find a broken refrigerator, realize that your clothes dryer no longer puts out heat, or that some other major appliance isn’t doing what you’d like.

In many ways, we take our home appliance for granted. But, it can be maddening when technology doesn’t cooperate, and you need to reach out to an appliance repair service to get back on track.

Since no Colorado Springs homeowner, renter or property manager loves inconvenience or spending unnecessary cash, here are three things that your local appliance repairman wishes you knew about your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer, stove, garbage disposal, and microwave.

Periodic Maintenance Can Save You Time & Money

Giving your major home appliances a bit of TLC every now and then can extend their useful life and help you avoid calls to the appliance repair service. Here are a few things you can put on your list:

Refrigerator Coils

Locate your refrigerator’s coils (either in the back or behind the front grill) and clean them with a brush or an attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Washer & Dryer Calming

Consider using some anti-vibration pads to prevent your machines from moving during operation. Also, clear out the dryer vent periodically.

Dishwasher Digestive Tract

The best appliance repairmen don’t want to waste your money and time with this common reason for dishwasher repair calls.  When your dishwasher is no longer cleaning dishes, it might have a clogged food filter. Pull out the lower rack, remove the filter, and use a wet/dry vac to clean the screen.

Stove Spillage

Spilled food on the igniter or strike plate can prevent your burner from working. After cutting the power to your stove, you can clean these items periodically with a toothbrush.

Avoid Certain Habits to Make Your Appliances Last Longer

Your daily habits will also impact how long your appliances last. Some of the ways you can adjust your activities include:

Anything That Seals

Just about every major home appliance has a door and some type of seal. If you make a habit of “slamming” those doors, they’re going to fail sooner rather than later. Likewise, sticky foods around the seals will break down the gaskets, causing appliances to work harder than necessary.

Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal shouldn’t be a catch-all for anything you don’t want to throw in the trash. Some of the things you should avoid putting down garbage disposal include grease, bones, dirt, coffee grounds, nuts, pasta and rice, and onion skins.


One of the quickest ways to shorten the life of your clothes washer or dryer is to overload them, so try for smaller loads. Also, keep your washer’s door open between cycles to avoid any mold growth.

Try a Few DIY Fixes Before Calling the Appliance Repairman

Before you jump on Google and look for “appliance repair near me,” you may be able to fix the issue yourself quickly. If your appliance is completely dead, first check for and clean up any leaks on the floor to avoid electrical shock.

The next thing you should do is confirm that the appliance is plugged into the wall. For example, a “rumbling” clothes dryer might move far enough away from the outlet to break the connection. If it is plugged in, you can try resetting your circuit breaker.

Some leaks are also simple fixes. There might be a cracked hose or broken connection that you can fix yourself.

If your DIY attempts don’t work or you don’t want to risk making a bad situation worse, contact a Colorado Springs appliance repairman to take a closer look.

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As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These are several things you can do to prevent an inconvenient appliance repair or replacement, but this list may not be the most helpful if you have a current home appliance crisis.

If you have an appliance that is making disturbing noises, leaking or isn’t working as it should, an appliance repairman from Reliable Appliance Repair in Colorado Springs and Pueblo will be happy to take a look. We are available to take calls 24/7 and are proud of our reputation as the best appliance repair business in the area.

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