Common Microwave Problems and Solutions

September 19, 2022

Colorado Springs homeowners may have to deal with common microwave problems like any other home appliance.

Although the microwave has been around since 1947, its design and engineering have changed drastically to keep up with popular demand in the American household. Microwaves are standard appliances in all modern Colorado Springs kitchen designs, but like all home appliances, the microwave can come with its own set of issues.

Keep reading to learn five of the most common microwave problems you may come across in your Front Range kitchen.

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Overheating and Sparks

If your microwave is overheating and sparking, the most likely culprit is food build-up. The solution to this issue is simple: keep your appliances clean. You would be surprised how often this one tip can resolve appliance repairs.

If you allow food to build up for too long, the resulting overheating and sparks can lead to more damage. Microwaves have delicate parts that can break down when not maintained. Clean your microwave regularly – especially after reheating soups and other leftovers that tend to pop and splatter all over the inside of the microwave.

Covering your food with a microwave-safe lid (never with aluminum foil or other metal covering) to avoid splatters will help keep your microwave cleaner longer.

Burn Spots

Another common microwave problem is dark burn spots on the microwave’s interior. If you ever see a burn spot in your microwave, the likely culprit is sparking. Ignoring the burn spot is never a good idea because if you continue using the appliance, you can cause a fire inside the microwave.

If burn spots appear on the inside of your microwave, unplug the appliance and contact a Southern Colorado microwave repair company.

No Heat or Uneven Heating

Have you ever tried cooking your frozen food in the microwave and ended up with a half-hot/half-not dish? Not producing enough heat is another common microwave problem that typically occurs when the magnetron fails. Ignoring the problem will result in the magnetron burning out, and once that happens, replacement of the part is your only recourse. Repairing the part is not possible. You can avoid this problem by having a Colorado Springs appliance expert examine your microwave at the first sign of an issue before a higher-cost solution is needed.

Plate Inside Microwave Not Spinning

Most modern microwaves include a rotating plate on the bottom that helps to distribute the heat evenly. If the plate does not rotate, there is a good chance that the motor driving the plate has worn out.

A professional can easily fix this common microwave problem by replacing the motor.

Light Bulb Not Turning On

Another common microwave problem some may experience is a light bulb that suddenly stops working. This could mean a few different things. The first, and the easiest, is that the light bulb simply needs replacement. Alternatively, the bulb socket may be faulty. Should that be the case in your microwave, you may have bad wiring or an issue with the control board. Again, contacting a local appliance repair company will be able to point you in the right direction.

Solve These Common Microwave Problems With One Call to Reliable Appliance

If any of these five common microwave problems happen to you, calling a trusted Colorado Springs appliance repair company can save you the headaches of trial and error and the cost of replacement.

Call us or fill out our quick and easy appliance repair quote form today for a free consultation and put an end to your microwave blues.