Simple Steps That May Fix Your Stove or Oven

August 15, 2022

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for some quick solutions to fix your stove or oven so you can return to cooking or baking as soon as possible.

The good news is that there are many simple steps you can take that may fix your stove or oven. Here are some quick and straightforward ideas to try before you call a professional appliance repair company.

Check the Settings

Your stove or oven is often not working correctly because of user error. No one wants to admit this is a possibility in their case, but we have seen the situation time and time again during service calls. Before you call an appliance repair company to fix your stove or oven, check the settings on your appliance.

For instance, if your oven is not heating, ensure the oven is not only on but also has the temperature set. Is the timer set to delay, and is the clock correct? If so, your oven will not turn on until the set time.

Often, the very features that make our lives more convenient can cause issues when not properly adjusted.

Check Burner Alignment on Your Stovetop

This tip is specifically for electric stoves (more on gas stoves and ovens below). If the burners on your electric stove are not heating, turn the burner off (safety first!), and then examine the burner prongs to verify they are straight and that the electric burner elements are in line. While you are looking, ensure that there is no built-up food or other gunk that inhibits the electrical connection.

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Check the Pilot Light on Gas Ranges

One step to fixing your gas stove or oven is checking that the pilot light (on older models) or the electric ignition system (newer models) is working correctly.

Most older gas ranges have one pilot light for all the top burners. A properly working pilot flame is blue, 1/4 to 1/2 inch high, and burns steadily. The flame will go out repeatedly or burn yellow with insufficient air. On the other hand, a gap between the flame and the pilot feed tube means the range is getting too much air. To correct either problem, the pilot adjustment screw on the gas line should be turned slightly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your gas range is a newer model, an electric ignition system replaces the pilot light. A glowing filament similar to the one in a lightbulb generates an electric current that lights the gas when an electric current flows through it. This sealed system cannot be repaired or adjusted. If you need to fix your stove or oven with this feature, you will likely need to call a professional appliance repair company.

Are Safety Features Enabled?

Like most modern appliances, many stoves and ovens are equipped with safety features to keep children from accidentally altering settings and turning on the appliance. One of the more popular of these features is an oven control lockout. If you find that this feature is enabled, check your owner’s manual for reset instructions.

Clean the Appliance

Yes, this should be as common sense as our first tip to check your settings, but you may be surprised by how often you can fix your stove or oven by deep cleaning them. Very few home chefs are exempt from spills, and mischief can result when these get into small crevices in your stove or oven.

Know When to Call in the Pros to Fix Your Stove or Oven

As good as the above suggestions are, there are times when you cannot fix your stove or oven on your own. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the appliance repair company with over 20 years of experience in Southern Colorado. The professional technicians at Reliable Appliance Repair can handle all of your home appliance repair needs.

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