Signs Your Freezer Needs Service

September 20, 2021

There is a good chance that the freezer is the most underappreciated appliance in your Southern Colorado home – until, that is, you realize that your freezer needs service. Many of us take for granted the important role the freezer plays in our grocery budgets, not to mention the convenience of frozen waffles on a hectic school morning.

Fortunately, this essential appliance is fairly easy and inexpensive to maintain for the average homeowner. Following are 5 common signs that your freezer needs service as well as a few easy troubleshooting tips to try before calling in a Colorado Springs freezer repairman to fix them.

Your Frozen Foods Are Not Staying Frozen

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), a freezer should be kept at 0⁰ Fahrenheit to preserve your food. Foods kept at these temperatures are considered safe for long-term storage. Conversely, a freezer that is not set to the proper temperature can pose health risks, including cross-contamination and bacterial growth.

If your frozen meats, vegetables or convenience foods are defrosting or never freezing completely while in the freezer, first check the freezer’s temperature settings. The cause may be as simple as a temperature dial that was inadvertently turned to a warmer setting. Many modern freezer models have a built-in thermometer, but if yours does not, you can purchase an appliance thermometer at most retailers for under $10. If simple adjustments do not fix the issue, you may need to have your freezer serviced.

Your Freezer Is Too Cold

That might seem like a misnomer. After all, how can a freezer be too cold? Yes, a freezer should be cold enough to freeze your food. But if you notice that your refrigerator feels warm, but the freezer is very cold, then your defrost heater might be defective, and it is likely that your freezer needs service.

The defrost heater turns on throughout the day to melt any frost accumulation on the evaporator coils. When the heater malfunctions, frost will build up, eventually not letting air flow properly through the coils. This prevents cold air from getting to the refrigerator. The defrost system will need to be tested to determine which component is bad.

Other causes can be a defective evaporator fan motor or a problem with your damper control assembly. If this is the case, you may want to forego any DIY repairs and call in an expert freezer repair technician.

Of course, to keep your freezer running efficiently at all times, you should defrost it regularly. If you need to defrost manually, then it is recommended that you do so about once a year, or if there’s more than one-fourth inch of ice build-up – whichever comes first.

Excessive Frost Build-Up

Most freezers will have at least a little frost build-up. However, if frost build-up becomes excessive, it’s a sure sign that your freezer needs service.

There can be a few causes:

  • Gasket is ripped
  • Frozen freezer drain tube
  • The freezer door has been left open
  • Bad seal on the freezer door

Basically, anything that lets in warm air will cause frost to build up in your freezer. If the freezer drain tube freezes, then moisture will back up into your freezer, also causing frost.

Unpleasant Tasting Ice From Icemaker

Nothing is more refreshing than a glass of ice water on a hot day. And nothing can ruin that glass like unpleasant-tasting ice. Generally, this isn’t a big problem and can most likely be remedied fairly easily. Here are a few common causes of foul-tasting ice:

Dirty Water Filter

Your refrigerator’s water filter needs to be replaced regularly (the exact frequency is determined by the manufacturer and can be found in your owner’s manual). After you change the filter, fill a few glasses of water from the water dispenser to purge the waterline and get clean water flowing again.

Stale Ice

Like stale food, stale ice occurs when ice has been stored in the freezer too long. As a result, it can start to absorb odors from the food. If you do not often use your ice maker, you may want to empty the old ice and to make room for fresh ice cubes.

Water Supply

Your water supply might be contaminated with sulfur, excess minerals, salt, or other impurities. While there’s nothing you can do about the taste of your local Colorado Springs or Pueblo neighborhood drinking water, you can minimize the bad taste of your tap water by changing your refrigerator’s water filter frequently.

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Freezer Burn

If you notice that your foods are coming out of the freezer with freezer burn, it may not necessarily be a sign that the freezer needs service. Freezer burn happens when the food becomes dehydrated, and the water molecules inside the food are replaced by oxygen.

Generally, you can prevent freezer burn by properly packaging your food before freezing. Keeping your freezer full will also minimize freezer burn. If you plan on storing frozen foods for a longer period of time, use extra packaging to keep air out.

Still Unsure If Your Freezer Needs Service? We Can Help!

Do the above signs that your freezer needs service sound all too familiar? If so, contact the expert freezer repair technicians at Reliable Appliance Repair. We have been helping homeowners in and around Colorado’s Front Range keep their cool for over 20 years. Our name is our mission, Reliable, honest, friendly appliance repair at affordable prices. Contact us today to schedule your freezer repair quote.