Microwave on the Fritz? Here are 5 Common Reasons Why

Is your microwave sparking or not working altogether? Here are 5 common microwave problems that might explain why.
Here are the most common microwave problems you may face in your Colorado kitchen. Here are the most common microwave problems you may face in your Colorado kitchen.

Most Common Microwave Problems 

Like any other home appliance, Colorado Springs homeowners may have to deal with common microwave problems.

Although the microwave has been around since 1947, its design and engineering have changed drastically to keep up with popular demand in the American household. Microwaves are standard in all modern Colorado Springs kitchen designs, but like all home appliances, the microwave comes with its own set of problems.  

Keep reading to learn five of the most common microwave problems you may come across in your Front Range kitchen.

Although the microwave is a pretty reliable kitchen appliance, sometimes the appliance gives out. From overheating to faulty wiring, a microwave repair professional is the best person to call to bring it back to life from these five common microwave problems.

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Overheating and Sparks

It's important to keep your microwave clean to avoid food deposits from building up. If food builds up, it can cause the microwave to overheat and it can also cause sparks.

If you allow food to build up for too long with excessive overheating and sparks, it can lead to more damage. Different parts of the microwave might break down. Make sure to clean your microwave on a regular basis and especially after reheating soups and other leftovers that tend to pop and splatter all over the inside of the microwave.

Covering your food to avoid splatters is a good idea for keeping your microwave clean.

Burn Spots

Another common microwave problem is evidenced by dark burn spots on the microwave's interior. If you ever see a burn spot in your microwave, this means that there was some sparking. Ignoring the burn spot is never a good idea because if you continue using the appliance, you can cause a fire inside the microwave.

If burn spots appear, it's ideal to contact your local appliance repair company in Colorado Springs or Pueblo to figure out if there is a part that has to be replaced.

No Heat or Uneven Heating

Have you ever tried cooking your frozen food in the microwave, and ended up with a half-hot-half-cold dish afterward? Not producing enough heat is another common microwave problem that normally happens when the magnetron is failing. If you ignore the problem and keep trying to run your microwave while it's empty, you will burn out the magnetron.

If you burn out the magnetron, you need to have a professional replace the part with a new one. Once the magnetron burns out, it can't be repaired. You can save time and money by having a Colorado Springs appliance expert examine your microwave before the problem continues.

Plate Inside Microwave Not Spinning

If you put your favorite dish or popcorn in the microwave for movie night and notice that the plate isn't spinning, this might be a sign of a failing motor.

Underneath the spinning plate is a rotating motor that can sometimes wear out over time. This common microwave problem can be easily fixed by a professional who can replace the motor if it goes out.

Lightbulb Not Turning on

A common microwave problem microwave owners may face is with the dreaded lightbulb.

Every time you open or use your microwave, there's a light that turns on. If one day the light decides to stop working, this could mean a few things. The lightbulb might need replacement or the bulb socket is faulty.

If the problem is neither the lightbulb or the socket, this can be a sign of bad wiring or the control board. A local appliance repair company will be able to point you in the right direction. 

How to Find Microwave Repairs in Colorado Springs

If any of these five common microwave problems happen to you, calling a local Colorado appliance repair company can save you headaches and trial and error.

We would love to help you get your kitchen appliance up and running in no time. Contact us today we'd love to help you!

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