Repair or Replace? What to do with a Broken Dishwasher

December 9, 2019

Wondering if it is better to repair or replace a broken dishwasher?

Dishwasher shipments in the US are expected to hit 8.7 million units in 2019. A good number of those are replacing older units that aren’t working for one reason or another.

Those older dishwashing machines have to go somewhere and it’s not always an environmentally-friendly end. Not to mention that replacing an older model can end up costing a lot more. Let’s look at how to decide whether to repair or replace a dishwasher.

How Long Should a Dishwasher Last?

The lifespan of a typical dishwasher is 7 to 10 years. Take this into consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace a malfunctioning unit. If it’s only a few years old and the repair cost is less than half of what a replacement would cost, you’re better off repairing it.

If the repair cost is more than half of replacing it, or you’re at or past the 7- to 10-year mark, you’re better off replacing it with a new model. You should get a warranty on a new dishwasher, which will keep your repair costs down for the next few years, and a new model may be more efficient which can reduce your operating costs. Over time, you may save more than you spend on the replacement.

How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Dishwasher Parts

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to fix or replace a dishwasher is the part that’s broken. If it’s an easy-to-replace part like the soap tray or dish rack, it’s likely to be cost-effective to replace.

Parts that are more integral to the operation of a dishwasher like a hinge mechanism on the door or an electronic control board cost a lot more to replace, both for the cost of the part itself and the labor cost to replace it.

Reliable Appliance’s appliance repair service can help give you an idea of what part is broken and what kind of cost you’ll be looking at to have it fixed.

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How to Take Care of Your Dishwasher

You’ve probably heard the saying “prevention is the best medicine.” The same thing applies to your dishwasher. Proper care and maintenance will make it last as long as possible, avoiding the need to decide between repairing and replacing it.

There are several things you can do to help prolong its life:

  • Don’t overload the dishwasher. Load it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Pause the wash cycle before opening the door to add or remove items. Don’t just pull the door open mid-cycle.
  • Don’t run a garbage disposal at the same time as the dishwasher. They share plumbing and the garbage disposal can force debris back into the dishwasher.
  • Have a professional cleaning and routine maintenance on an annual basis.

Talk to a Dishwasher Repair Expert

If you’re having trouble with your dishwasher don’t make a snap decision on whether to repair or replace dishwasher parts (or the entire unit). Get professional advice from a top rated Colorado Springs repliance repair company who can tell you whether it’s worth repairing.

Reliable Appliance can help you make that decision. Get in touch with us if you’re having dishwasher problems and we’ll help you find the right solution.