How to Make a Washing Machine Stop Shaking

December 28, 2020

It’s not uncommon for men and women living in Colorado Springs to call and ask how to make their washing machine stop shaking? This is an essential appliance that likely gets its share of run-time in your home. When your washing machine begins to shake, rumble, and make loud noises, it can be disrupting, and you might be concerned about damage.

Fortunately, a shaking washing machine is often something you can repair. Here are some of the simplest ways to make your washing machine stop shaking and what you can do if these tips don’t solve your troubles.

Make Sure Your Loads Are Balanced

One of the simplest fixes for a shaking washing machine is to pay close attention to how you load the clothes. If all of the weight is on one side of the drum in a top-loading washing machine, it will become unbalanced, causing the washing machine to shake. This isn’t as big of an issue in front-loading machines. However, those washers typically have a faster spin cycle, so a small vibration problem can seem bigger than it actually is.

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Check That The Washing Machine And Floor Are Level

Another common way to make a washing machine stop shaking is to ensure that it is level. If the washing machine or the floor is unlevel, you will likely have balancing issues. Not sure? Take a construction level and place it on top of your machine. Then, adjust the washer’s feet until the machine is perfectly level.

Ensure Your Floor Is Stable

If your floor is shaking in addition to your washing machine, you might have troubles that go beyond your appliances. It would be a good idea to check your floor’s stability from the basement or crawl space and either add support or fix any issues. Shoring up the floor support might make your washing machine stop its annoying rattle.

Examine Your Stacking Kit

Stacked washers and dryers are excellent space savers, but they are not immune from shaking. In addition to checking your floor and leveling the unit, take a look at the frame that mounts the upper and lower units together. If frame isn’t secure, fixing it might stop the shaking.

Use Washing Machine Vibration Pads

Truth be told, some older washers just vibrate a bit. If you have one of these, you can make this type of washing machine stop shaking by adding vibration pads. These are simple, low-cost pads that you place under the feet of the appliance that are meant to absorb vibrations.

Remove Shipping Bolts

Do you have a newer washing machine that is shaking? If so, someone might have neglected to remove the shipping bolts when the appliance was delivered and installed. Shipping bolts are meant to protect the drum during shipping but are supposed to be removed before use. If your drum doesn’t spin by hand, those plastic bolts might still be installed underneath the appliance.

Help to Make Your Washing Machine Stop Shaking

While some DIY solutions can fix issues with your washing machine, not all of them are going to do the trick. That doesn’t mean it’s time to buy a new appliance. You can simply call in reinforcements and see if there is a cost-effective solution to make your washing machine stop shaking.

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