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Take your temperature and wonder no more why your ice-cream is melted or your celery is frozen. Find your ideal refrigerator temperature today!

Tired of dishes coming out of the dishwasher as dirty as when they went in? Then you need these tips for the right way of loading a dishwasher.

Are you on the fence between gas vs electric stoves? We give you the pros and cons of each, including potential for repairs.

Can you make that one last towel fit? Maybe not - there are good reasons for you to avoid overloading your washing machine. Learn more.

Are you looking for easy ways to keep your home appliances running longer and better? You are in the right place - it doesn't get any easier than this.

Microwaves are a staple in modern kitchens, and you may take yours for granted until it starts having one of these common microwave problems. Learn more.

There are often simple steps you can take to fix your stove or oven when they are not working properly. Follow our tips may get you back in the kitchen.

When inviting a stranger into your home for repairs, mediocre just doesn't cut it. Learn 6 tips for finding the best appliance repair company near you.

DIY is all the hype these days, but there are times when you should call in the experts. Learn why and when to hire an appliance repair company.

A broken washing machine does not have to break the bank. Our simple troubleshooting tips can reduce agitation and get you back on your usual laundry cycle.

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