Why is My Dryer Making a Thumping Sound?

April 17, 2023

“Things that go bump in the night” may refer to ghosts and goblins, but chances are that the real culprit is your dryer making a thumping sound. There are numerous reasons why your dryer is noisy. You may be washing and drying your child’s sneakers or have a more significant issue, like a broken belt.

Here are six common reasons your dryer makes that noise and how to fix the issue.

New Dryer

When you first get your new washer and dryer, you can’t wait to run that first load of laundry. So hearing your brand new dryer making a thumping sound is disquieting, to say the least (pardon the pun). But before you reach for the phone to schedule a return, rest assured that the reason for the thumping may be that your dryer, and the rubber rollers inside, are new. The sounds you notice in the initial cycles after installation will decrease over time once the rubber rollers conform to the dryer drum.

Old Rollers

Conversely, you may find your dryer making a thumping sound if the rubber rollers are old. Most dryers have two supporting rollers on the rear of the drum, but certain dryers have another set of rollers on the front.

With age, these rollers can wear down, causing rotation issues with the drum. The best way to diagnose this issue is to call a dryer repair technician.

Knotted or Balled Up Items

Have you ever noticed how smaller pieces of clothing get caught in the corners of your fitted sheets? Sometimes sheets, curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, or other large fabric items, can roll up into a ball in your appliance. This lump of fabric may cause the dryer to vibrate or even “walk.”

Check on large items frequently, and untangle any knots you find. This will help your items dry faster and put an end to a dryer making a thumping sound.

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The Dryer Has Been Sitting For a While

If you haven’t done laundry in a while (and we mean a long while), light thumping may occur during the first few minutes of starting your dryer. When not used for long periods, the rubber rollers can flatten where they touch the drum. This flat spot causes the thumping sound.

Once the dryer runs for some time, rollers regain their shape and the thumping should stop.

Dryer Not Level

If your dryer isn’t even with the ground, it will rock back and forth. Double-check to see if any of the feet are missing. If so, replace missing feet, and level the dryer both front-to-back and side-to-side, ensuring all four legs are in contact with the floor.

If no feet are missing, ensure the dryer is on level ground and nothing is stuck underneath the machine. Raising or lowering the feet is relatively easy, as most feet are attached to the dryer with adjustable screws.

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An Old Belt

All dryers, whether gas or electric, use a belt to rotate the drum. And like an old rubber band, these belts get brittle with age. When this happens, the belt separates in certain areas of the drum, which results in your dryer making a thumping sound.

Your dryer has a removable front panel that provides access to this belt. Inspect the belt for signs of fraying, fringe, wear or tear, and if you find it, give us a call for replacement.

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