Three DIY Washing Machine Repairs to Try Before Calling an Appliance Repair Service

September 9, 2019

Before you call a Colorado Springs appliance repair service, here are three Do-It-Yourself (DIY) DIY washing machine repairs you can try that don’t risk making the problem worse.

My Washing Machine Isn’t Working…At All!

Your washing machine won’t even turn on? This could be an electrical problem.

Before you do anything, please make sure the floor and areas surrounding your machine are dry to prevent electrical shock.

The first thing to check is that the cord is still securely plugged into the electric outlet.  If the washing machine power connection is loose, the plug can disconnect over time due to the machine vibrating when it runs.

While you are poking around the back of the washing machine, check that the power cord isn’t frayed and is still connected tightly to the washing machine.

If that doesn’t work, it may be the power supply to the electrical outlet.  If you haven’t already, head over to your homes electrical service box and try resetting the circuit breaker.

The next step is to check the washing machine lid switch. Test the switch by opening and closing the lid and listening for a click.  If you don’t hear a click, stop reading here and call a Colorado Springs appliance repair service for a free consultation.

DIY Washing Machine Repairs – Washer is Leaking Everywhere!

If your laundry room floor turns into a lake after using your washer, then it is time to check the washing machine drain and fill hoses.

A loose hose connection or a cracked hose can cause water to pour out before it reaches its intended destination. Tighten any loose connections and replace old or damaged hoses.

If you’re still getting leaks, make sure that your water inlet valve and washer door seal are free of build-up or corrosion. If your water overflow is full of suds, you might just be using too much detergent.

If the hoses or water inlet valves are not the problems, the water leaks could be due to a faulty drain pump or a hole in the tub or tub seal.  At this point, you should call a Colorado Springs appliance repair service and discuss your findings.

Is My Washing Machine Supposed to Sound Like That?

There are many reasons your washing machine might be buzzing, bubbling, or going “ka-thunk.” There may be a DIY washing machine repairs for that!

If you hear a gurgling noise, there’s probably a clog or backup. Check to make sure that your drain hose is clear of gunk—letting it build up could cause flooding later.

Persistent clicking, buzzing, or humming is often due to a foreign object, like a coin or hairpin, getting stuck. These tend to lodge in the washer drain, drum, or pump.

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If your washing machine is clunking or shaking when it runs, it’s probably a balance issue. First, make sure that you evenly distribute the weight when loading the machine. Next, make sure that the feet of the washer is balanced, using shims to level the washing machine as needed.

And if you’ve tried everything listed above and your washing machine is still making noises, have a Colorado Springs washing machine repair service take a look.

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Whether you’ve already tried the fixes listed above or don’t feel comfortable fixing your washing machine yourself, give the Colorado Springs washing machine repair pros at Reliable Appliance Repair a call. We can take your broken, malfunctioning, or frustrating appliances and give them a second life.

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