Easy Oven and Stove Repair Solutions

March 12, 2018

Not all stove and oven repairs are complicated! Try these safe, quick oven and stove repair solutions if your appliance isn’t working correctly. For many minor problems, the solution is as simple as checking the appliance’s settings or wiping away residue. Read on to learn a few fast, easy, and safe oven repair tricks you can try at home.

  • If your oven isn’t heating up, start by checking all of your controls and settings. Did you turn the oven on as well as set the temperature? Once you’ve confirmed those settings, you’ll also want to make sure that, if applicable, the oven timer has not been set to the delay feature, as this will prevent the oven from immediately heating up.
  • If your stove burners won’t turn on, sometimes a minor adjustment or two will do the trick. For an electric stove, make sure the burner elements are straight and that the prongs are secured. For a gas stove, try wiping down the burners with a hot, damp rag to remove any residues or buildup. Just make sure to let the burners dry completely before you attempt to light the stove again.
  • If your oven won’t turn off, double-check to make sure the oven control lockout hasn’t been enabled. Newer oven models often include this safety feature to prevent children from accidentally changing oven settings, but if the lockout has been enabled, you won’t be able to turn the oven off either. Check your oven’s manual to disable the lockout feature, and try again.

If these quick oven and stove repair solutions don’t get the job done, call Reliable Appliance! We provide complete electric and gas oven repair across the Colorado Springs region. Contact us now to learn more.