How Long Do Dishwashers Last?

February 22, 2021

One question we often hear from Colorado Springs homeowners is, how long do dishwashers last? While there is no simple answer to that question, here is what you need to know about the longevity of these essential home appliances and how you can prolong a dishwasher’s useful life.

How Long Do Dishwashers Last?

Dishwashers can last anywhere from nine to sixteen years, and the average useful life of this appliance is about twelve years. Of course, certain makes and models might have more issues than others, and others may even last longer than their competitors.

Factors that Impact Your Dishwasher’s Lifespan

If you’ve just purchased a dishwasher, you know its age. But, what about if you move into a home with existing appliances? Sure, you can look up the model number, but this won’t tell you how much the appliance was used or if it was well-maintained. Some of the factors that can affect your dishwasher’s lifespan include:

  • Quality – When you invest in a high-quality dishwasher from a reputable manufacturer, there’s a good chance it will give you reliable performance and fewer issues.
  • Frequency of use – Dishwashers are used about five times per week in the average home. Whether you use yours more or less frequently could impact its durability.
  • Maintenance – Periodically cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher will help keep it in the best possible shape.
  • Repairs – When your dishwasher does give you trouble, have it fixed by a trusted appliance repair company that has extensive experience with dishwasher repair.

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How to Make Your Dishwasher Last Longer

So, how long do dishwashers last? The answer to that question might depend on you and your habits. Your dishwasher’s lifespan can be much longer if you follow these tips:

Keep It Clean

Even though your appliance cleans your dishes, that dirt and grime have to go somewhere. And it can build up in your dishwasher, ultimately reducing its efficiency. It’s a good idea to clean your food trap filter regularly as well as wipe down any food spills and your door seals with a warm wet cloth.

Pre-Rinse Dishes

Avoid putting dishes covered with food in your dishwasher. Instead, scrape food into the trash and pre-rinse your items in the sink before loading the machine.

Use Hot Water

Choose hot water in your settings because higher temperatures help the dishwasher operate efficiently and hot water is more effective at killing bacteria, odors, and germs.

Avoid Overfilling

While husbands and wives argue the age-old subject of how to best load the dishwasher, the one thing every strategy should center on is leaving some space between your dishes. This prevents the appliance from having to strain too much when it is operating and allows the water and detergent to reach all surfaces.

Air-Dry Your Dishes

Instead of having your dishwasher run a heat cycle to dry your items, let them air dry. This is another option that will put less strain on your appliance and also save energy.

Need Help With Your Dishwasher in Colorado Springs?

How long do dishwashers last? That depends. But if yours is giving you trouble, don’t jump to the conclusion that it is time to throw in the towel and spring for a replacement. Reliable Appliance in Colorado Springs has built a reputation for helping customers with affordable home appliance repair. Contact us today to get a quote, we are available 24/7 and guarantee our work.