Prepping Your Kitchen Appliances for the Holidays

October 18, 2021

As autumn sets in and Southern Colorado homeowners start looking forward to the warmth and comfort of cooking and baking, it is time to give your kitchen appliances a little love and attention. Why, do you ask? Whether you roast a turkey, bake a pie, or whip up the best appetizers on the block, your kitchen appliances are probably going to get more than their fair share of work during the holiday season. If you are one of the countless Colorado Springs residents looking forward to a more “normal” holiday than last year due to COVID-19, preparing your kitchen appliances now for a heavy workload can prevent heartache later.

Nothing can put a damper on your holiday plans like a malfunctioning kitchen appliance. According to a Consumer Reports survey, 5 percent of respondents had trouble with non-cooling refrigerators, 6 percent with range elements, and 11 percent with dishwashers. To avoid being a victim of these statistics during your holiday get-togethers, follow this handy list of maintenance tips for your kitchen appliances.

1. Clean Your Refrigerator

Before you hit the grocery store and stock up on food for the holidays, clean out your refrigerator and freezer to make some room for your items and any leftovers. Once you’ve emptied the refrigerator and freezer, give both a good cleaning. This includes wiping down seals, replacing water filters, inspecting water hoses, and vacuuming the refrigerator coils. During cleaning, look for any signs that your refrigerator needs repair.

2. Disinfect Your Kitchen Sink

Your sink may not be an appliance, but your garbage disposal is an appliance that usually fails at the worst time. Think about it. Your sink and garbage disposal have been designed to process and dispose of half-eaten food and drinks, making both a cesspool of bacteria. This bacteria and debris can shorten the life of your disposal if not properly cleaned. Disinfect the sink with a combination of bleach and water, letting the solution run into the drain. Remember that some foods should never be put down a garbage disposal. Check your garbage disposal by looking for leaks in the housing below the sink, and place ice cubes down the disposer while it is running. Ice cubes can help your disposer by keeping the blades clean and sharp.

3. Clean Your Dishwasher

You may think that cleaning the kitchen appliance that cleans your utensils and dishes is overkill. However, the modern dishwasher needs occasional TLC to keep it cleaning and disinfecting dishes at its best. Remove mineral buildup and stains with a sponge and gentle cleanser. Also, remove any filters and clean them thoroughly. Filters can accumulate built-up food residue that prevents your dishwasher from getting dishes clean and can be the cause of serious odors. While you are at it, check the seals on the dishwasher door to ensure that they stay properly sealed during washing. Additional tips for cleaning your dishwasher can be found here.

4. Clean the Stove and Oven

Next to the refrigerator, the stove and oven may be the most important kitchen appliances to maintain. Many a holiday dinner has been ruined by a bad heating element or other cooking problem. Start with cleaning your stove and oven. If you have a self-cleaning oven, set it up according to the directions and let it run. Otherwise, get the right type of oven cleaner and get to work.. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean around the burners with a wet rag and let them dry before using. If you notice any elements or burners that need additional attention, be sure to visit our blog heading “Stove/Oven Repair.“

5. Clean the Microwave

Hopefully, you aren’t cooking holiday meals in the microwave. But you’ll certainly be using it to heat up those leftovers. Take a mild cleaning solution and a damp cloth to wipe out your microwave and disinfect the handle and buttons. See our recent blog article for additional tips on proper care and maintenance of over-the-range microwaves.

6. Test Your Kitchen Appliances Ahead of Time

Lastly, it is always a good idea to test all of your appliances before the holiday season starts. . Maybe cook a small test meal if you haven’t used your oven or stove much over the summer, using all the burners and oven settings. Run your garbage disposal and put some dishes through the dishwasher.

Get Help Prepping Your Kitchen Appliances for the Holidays

If your kitchen appliances need some extra attention, or if you’d like to have them inspected before any potential issues manifest themselves, call Reliable Appliance in Colorado Springs. Since 1999, Reliable Appliance has been the top-rated appliance repair company in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak area.

We repair all major brands of kitchen appliances and would be happy to assist with repairing any kitchen appliance problems before the holidays. Contact us today to schedule your appliance repair appointment.