Spring Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Appliances

April 18, 2022

If your to-do list includes deep cleaning your kitchen appliances, keep reading. Our spring cleaning tips for kitchen appliances will turn this chore into a breeze.

Garbage Disposal

The spring cleaning tip for your garbage disposal is to put a few drops of dish soap on a scrub brush and then clean the visible part of your garbage disposal. Concentrate on the area where the flange and sink basin meet; bacteria and mold can build up there, which will cause foul odors.

Next, try dropping lemon slices and ice cubes into your disposal. This will keep your blades sharp, and the fresh citrus scent will immediately brighten your kitchen.

Deep Clean Your Oven

Our ovens are often on the receiving end of the worst cooking disasters. Of course, the method you use to clean your oven will depend on whether or not it is a self-cleaning model. However, even self-cleaning ovens will require you to wipe or brush out the crumbs after the cleaning cycle.

For ovens that do not have the self-cleaning feature, Better Homes and Gardens recommends making a paste from baking soda and water, brushing it in your range, and spraying it with vinegar. The chemical reaction will start to foam, breaking down baked-on foods. Let the solution sit for a few minutes and start wiping away. Repeat as necessary.

The same procedure will work on your electric stove burners and trays. However, we recommend using vinegar or soapy water on a microfiber cloth for glass-top stoves to avoid scratching the surface.

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Clean Your Hood

Start by wiping down the visible parts of your hood to remove grease and grime. Then remove the filter just inside the top of the hood and place in the kitchen sink with some soapy water.

Do a visual inspection of the inside of the vent while the filter is off. If you notice a grease or grime build-up in the vent, you may want to call a professional appliance repair company. Vents with excessive build-up will prevent the hood from functioning correctly and, in extreme cases, start a fire.

Clean Your Refrigerator

The best way to start spring cleaning your refrigerator is by removing everything. Go through all the bins, drawers and doors and get rid of old food and condiments that have expired. Once your refrigerator is bare, you can start cleaning the inside.

A baking soda and water solution is an excellent option for cleaning your fridge. The baking soda will not only act as a mild abrasive, breaking down spills, but also will absorb food orders.

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one quart of hot water in a spray bottle and get to work wiping down the entire inside. The outside can be cleaned with soapy water. Any area of the fridge where you store meats can harbor bacteria, so be sure to use an antibacterial wipe to keep germs at bay.

Next, look under your fridge. The bottom of your fridge should have a plastic vent cover, which can collect dust and grime throughout the year. This vent should pop off, allowing you to clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner and wipe it clean in the sink (allow to dry before reattaching to the refrigerator.)

While the vent cover is off, examine the drip pan under the fridge. If the drip pan is removable, slide the pan out, clean and replace once dry. If the drip pan is not removable, wrap a wet, soapy cloth around a broom’s handle and slide that into the pan to clean.

Clean Your Dishwasher

The last appliance on your kitchen spring cleaning list is your dishwasher. This can be easily accomplished by placing a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher and running a normal wash cycle. But if you find that more is needed, you can read our detailed article about deep cleaning your dishwasher here.

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The Best Spring Cleaning Tip

The best spring cleaning tip we can offer is to throw on some good music, put on your dish gloves, and get to work. With a bit of elbow grease, vinegar and baking soda, your kitchen will be cleaner than ever. And did you know that regular cleaning can help home appliances last longer?

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