Common Dryer Issues And Solutions: Part 2 – Power and Drum

January 17, 2022

Welcome back to the second article in our two-part series on common dryer problems and solutions. Last month we discussed reasons your dryer is not heating, as well as solutions to try before calling in an appliance repairman. This month we delve into two more dryer issues we see repeatedly in our Southern Colorado home appliance repair service – when your dryer doesn’t have power, and when the drum won’t turn.

Dryer Won’t Turn On

This might seem overly basic, but believe it or not, the first thing that you need to do when your dryer won’t turn on is to check that the plug isn’t loose in the wall socket or unplugged. If the dryer is plugged in correctly and the dryer still won’t turn on, check your electrical breaker box to make sure that a circuit breaker for the laundry room has not been unintentionally tripped. If the circuit breaker is fine it could be the thermal fuse.

See the first article in this series, Common Dryer Issues And Solutions: Part 1 – Dryer Is Not Heating for more information on your dryer’s thermal fuse.

Another possible cause of this common dryer issue is a broken door switch. The door switch is a standard safety feature of dryers that keeps the dryer from starting when the door is open. Just like any opening and closing mechanism, repeatedly slamming the door shut (instead of gently pushing the door until it clicks) can break the switch. Replacing a dryer door switch is a fairly simple and quick procedure, depending on the make and model of your dryer. If this is not a repair that you feel comfortable with, call an appliance repair technician to come out for the repair job.

The Drum Doesn’t Turn

Other common dryer issues are having a drum that won’t turn, or tumble. There could be several reasons why this could happen. For instance, in dryers that use a drive belt to turn the drum, worn or broken belts can mean the drum no longer tumbles. You can check on the condition of your belts by opening up the dryer’s cabinet and inspecting both the belt and the idler pulley wheel. These parts generally wear at the same rate, so if one needs to be replaced, the other likely will as well.

If you choose to replace a bad belt yourself though, also check the idler pulley too. If the idler pulley is worn down, the new belt will break. Additionally, extra stress can be put on the belt if the glides and rollers are worn out. If they’re worn, the drum is difficult to turn and the belt could break.

Another reason your dryer’s drum might not turn is that the motor driving the drum may have seized. If this happens, you will hear a buzzing sound instead of the running motor. The motor itself may need to be replaced, or perhaps just the motor starter capacitor needs replacement. To check for the problem, take off the belt, look for blockages in the blower fan housing and then try turning the motor shaft by hand. If the housing is wobbly while turning, is difficult to turn, or will not turn at all, and there are no obstructions in the fan housing, most likely the motor will need to be replaced. This is a complicated repair that will require the services of an experienced appliance repair technician.

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