Is It Worth Repairing an Old Washing Machine?

July 13, 2020

We get the question “is it worth repairing an old washing machine?” all the time. Doing something as routine as the laundry can be frustrating when you have your clothes sorted for that weekly laundry day, and nothing happens when you press start. Or worse, you have an unfamiliar noise come out of your washing machine or find water or on your floor. What’s the best solution?

Before you decide that the worst-case scenario has happened and you need to buy a new appliance, ask yourself a few simple questions that could save you some significant cash.

What’s Wrong With the Washing Machine?

The first step in deciding whether it’s worth repairing an old washing machine is to figure out the problem. Some washer issues are simple and inexpensive to fix, and others are a bit more involved.

Some typical troubles with washing machines include:

  • Quits spinning
  • Problems draining
  • Issues filling with water
  • Won’t power on
  • Leaks.
  • Funny noises

If you can’t figure out the issue, there’s nothing wrong with asking a local Colorado Springs appliance repair service for a diagnosis. A Reliable Appliance Repair technician can figure out what’s wrong and likely fix the problem fast. In some cases, such as with a cracked tub, it might not be cost-effective to repair the machine, and your appliance repair technician will tell you this as well.

How Old is the Washing Machine?

Washing machines have an average useful life of about ten years. Some last much longer, and others begin having issues sooner. Of course, how much you use the machine can impact its lifespan as well.

Whether your machine is relatively young or up there in age, it might make sense to repair a problem if it is a simple fix, or you simply don’t have the replacement cost in your budget.

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Is it Worth Repairing an Old Washing Machine?

Cost is a determining factor for many homeowners and property managers in Colorado Springs. As a general rule, if it costs less than 50% of the price of a new washing machine to repair your old one, you should choose the repair option.

But, you should also consider whether or not there is a warranty coverage on your washer and think about economic realities. In short, there’s nothing wrong with finding the truth of what you can afford today to get your appliance back up and running.

What Brand is Your Washing Machine?

Most appliance repair technicians are happy to work on an LG or Samsung washer, but what about other brands? In some areas, you might have trouble finding a washing machine repair company for a brand like GE or Maytag. If you can find a trustworthy and Reliable Appliance Repair company that will service your brand with a guarantee, it may be the best option to go this route.

Final Thoughts

Just because your washing machine has some mileage, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to trade it in for a new model. It may be worth repairing an old washing machine if there is a cost-effective solution that will give your appliance a new life.

Reliable Appliance Repair specializes in helping clients get the most use out of their household appliances regardless of the age or brand. We serve customers throughout the Colorado Springs area and even offer same-day service, seven days a week.

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